Big Bang!

Big Bang!

Dil pe chala hai jaadu. Jaane kyun…..

Wow. The Artiblog is back with a bang. A big bang indeed. And 5, to be precise.

Stats reveal some robust facts. The ad industry has witnessed a growth of about 12% in the last decade. It’s all the more bustling with young professionals joining the league. And to top it all, the Advertising Club’s spectacular fest for Excellence in Creative and Media has shattered its 23-year old legacy with a breathtaking 1150 entries in the Big Bang 2018; needless to mention, the 90 participating agencies and the 46 mind-boggling ad and media brains in the jury.

Well, the theme for this year’s Big Bang 2018 was actually a “twitterish-hashtag” representation of what we have always believed in and have been practising here at Artiligence.
#ForTheLove Of Advertising

Come to think of it, be it razzmatazz blog topics to phenomenal clientele communication to pro bono public awareness initiatives relating to rheumatoid arthritis, cervical cancer, hemophilia etc., three things that stand out as far as Team Artiligence is concerned are Passion Passion Passion.

When you love something badly or madly, you are very passionate about it, isn’t it?

We love science.

We are creative.

We show passion.

We are Artiligence.

#ForTheLoveOfAdvertising this year, we challenged ourselves. It’s only when you are in love that you are ready to take risks. So, we didn’t restrict ourselves to just health care. We set the standards high. We jumped into the boxing ring ourselves. And guess what? We emerged victorious not just in health care categories but also beyond them.

Digital, gimmicks, direct mailers and press; we expanded the verticals ourselves and pulled it off with our own poise and pomp at Big Bang 2018. We bring on the attitude, oops, nah, the ARTitude with 4 Bronze and a Gold. It only makes us keep up the good work and keep the lamp of love for advertising lit high. When it’s ideas, insights, ads, it’s simply passion that drives us mad!




Three cheers!
HeArty Hurray!

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