ENVIRONMENT – the miracle called

ENVIRONMENT – the miracle called

Someone, absolutely anonymous, seeming to be in love with nature, with environment had once written – The earth has music for those who listen.

The music, which is growing weaker every day. We got to save it. Simply save it for our present, for our future. But the questions, we are faced with sound somewhat like this – What is this music all about? How do we save this music?

This music that we are talking about comes from the environment. A miracle, we depend upon; to survive; to fulfil our basic needs; to wake up to every day. 

Over a period of time, we have only seen how every simple thing about this environment is being compromised upon. But we at Artiligence Healthcare, have always believed in contributing our efforts towards the positive side of things not only in the healthcare communication domain but for a bigger cause. Therefore, on the occasion of World Environment Day; celebrated on June 5, 2019; we chose to do something which got us a little more closely indulged.

Even though time and again, Artiligence, a healthcare advertising agency based in Mumbai has been a home to the many varieties of flora and fauna. On this special occasion, we thought of asking the members of ArtiFamily to do their own thing to make the World Environment Day, a day to reckon with.

We were elated to witness the enthusiasm not only showcased by every member of this special family. But we were also ecstatic to see, how they came up with their own interpretation of environment to ensure that it’s cared for.

As a part of the green initiative, we invited participation and contribution for two very special categories:

Environment conservation ideas at work

Poster competition

The conservation ideas were all too special. Some were closer to the little things that we can do to ensure that we care for the environment. Apart from those ideas, there were some bigger ideas, some medium sized and some very futuristic. Every idea, seemed to have come straight from the earth. But, looking at the water crisis faced by most of the cities, two members of the ArtiFamily came up with their own versions of conserving it, storing it and reusing it for numerous other purposes in office.

Speaking about the poster competition; themes like global warming, rising sea levels, water scarcity, deforestation, plastic toxicity made their presence felt. But it was one of those creative posters on carbon footprints; exceptionally imagined by Mr. Anil Kodape one of the Art Directors got us all thinking about. Not only did the visual idea cut through the clutter of conventional creations on the occasion of World Environment Day; but it sparked a debate on the pros and cons of meat consumption as well. Also commendable was a pencil sketch of ‘the thirsty crow’, well-imagined; almost in sync with the heinous demands of modern times.

So, we had winners, we had participants; all of them from and within the ArtiFamily. Judged by industry experts and applauded by colleagues. As a token of appreciation, we made sure to gift them each with saplings. These saplings are now enhancing the beauty of their respective desks.

At Artiligence Healthcare, we believe every idea matters. Therefore the ideas, the thoughts shared by every member will also get implemented.

This is how, the ArtiFamily did its bit to save the music of the earth; in short, contributed efforts to save the environment. And we feel proud to tell you, we are not stopping at that. This monsoon, we are getting greener by adding a few more green members to our happy family of happy environment.

So, till the next time you hear from us, watch this space to know what Artiligence Healthcare and ArtiFamily is gearing up for!

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